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Dry Face Mask Application Packs

Dry Face Mask Application Packs

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This dry face mask application set includes a a small biodegradable bowl, a wooden spoon and a wooden spatula as well as a natural compressed cellulose facial sponge (made from wood pulp).

The biodegradable bowl is shaped to comfortably fit in the palm of your hand, ideal not only when mixing your face mask but also during facial application too.

The wooden spoon is ideal for decanting the powder into the bowl, add your wetting agent of choice (as described on the care sheet provided with your face mask). 

Mix well with the wooden spatula then use the spatula to apply the face mask to your skin avoiding the eye area and mucous membranes.

The natural compressed cellulose facial sponge is designed to be hydrated with water and will return to it's natural state within seconds.  Use the sponge to gentle wash away the face mask from your skin.

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