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Princess Crown / Tiara Bath Bomb

Princess Crown / Tiara Bath Bomb

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Enjoy a beautiful colourful bath using our bath bombs, with added kaolin clay and apricot kernel oil which will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. They are supplied shrink wrapped.

Scented in snow pixie, an inspired by fragrance with notes of bubblegum, cotton candy, pears, cherry and vanilla.


- Please open the wrapper carefully as the bath bomb may have crumbled slightly during postage.

- Place your bath bomb gently into warm water and watch the magic happen! 

- Don't hold or touch bath bombs when dissolving as it may result in temporary staining.  We know it is tempting, however all of the colours are water-soluble and will wash off.  Also, it is recommended using your bath bomb in a freshly cleaned tub, soap residue can increase the likelihood of temporary staining. If this happens, please clean the bath immediately after use with your usual bathroom cleaner.

Caution: May make bath tub slippery.


- Store in a cool, dark place, ideally in an air tight container to protect from moisture.  Direct sunlight can make bombs go soft and squishy and the colours can fade.

- Use within 6 months for best results.

Due to the handmade nature of the bath bombs, the shape and appearance may vary between batches.

Looking for fragrance free bath bombs or have something else in mind then please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss a custom order.

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